GASTRONOMIC – the art or science of good eating, culinary customs or style.

VALET – manservant, personal servant.


Born from a reputable experienced Chef husband and an enterpreneur Indonesian wife, GastroValet food is sophisticated, but firmly rooted in the traditions of Asia, with a European Provincial cooking style.

Chef Miles Belfield (R.I.P) was a talented American-Bahamian Chef who grew up in England and had worked for more than 20 years in several prestigious, Michelin Star and award-winning restaurants and five-star resorts in England, Europe, Caribbean and Indonesia.

Having learned a lot about culinary from her (late) husband, and her love of travel and food which had taken her around the world, has broaden her culinary horizons. Cita is now becoming a predominantly self-taught Chef. With her passion in culinary world, Cita will to continue their dreams and achieve the recognition as the go-to Personal Chef needs, not just in Bali but hopefully around the country.


At the core of GASTROVALET– it is all about the PERSONAL CHEF EXPERIENCE – this is how we started and want to maintain our position as the go-to for Bali based personal Chef needs. Either you have a special events or just need someone to cater your meals during your stay in Bali, our Chef will bring the restaurant experience to your villa.

GASTROVALET is perfect for private dinners where you require more intimacy than a restaurant, but still want the quality of service and food. While many others opted for Personal Chef to meet their specific dietary requirements/allergies. Whatever your needs, our Chefs will make sure to delight and inspire your guests with their original selection of menus.

Choose our selected menus; whichever you prefer. If you can't see what you're looking for, discuss with us your preferences, theme and budget, and our experienced Chefs will create a custom menu for you. We will shop, cook, serve, and clean after, leaving you with more time to enjoy your meal with your family or friends. Whether it is a sit down formal dinner, a casual BBQ or a simple family home-cooked meal(s), you can be sure that we will go above and beyond your expectations with both our service and food.

If this sounds like something you need, YOU’VE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE.



Planning an exclusive event and needs a FULL PACKAGE CATERING? Getting some friends/family together for a casual night in but don't want to cook? Wanting someone to cook a home-cooked meal(s) during your holiday? Whatever your need is GASTROVALET can cater all.


GASTROVALET offers extraordinary menus to make it unforgettable, from traditional Indonesian menu, Asian, Western, BBQ to Vegetarian/Vegans menu, from a home-cooked meals to a classic fine dining. If you can't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll tailor an experience just for you.


Fill in your personal details, event dates, time, number of guests and any additional info. We will contact you as soon as we received your enquiry. We will let you know when your Chef will arrive and verify the items they need at your villa. On the day of the event, our staff will arrive with the ingredients from our earth friendly suppliers, prepare delicious food in your kitchen, and take care of clean up — all while you spend time with your friends/family instead of stressing out in the kitchen.


Q : Who are GASTROVALET Chefs?

A : We carefully recruit our Chefs, who work at top restaurants/resorts in Indonesia and are already well-established in the food industry.

Q : How far in advance should I book my event?

A : GastroValet can have an elite Chef in your kitchen with the latest booking 3 working days in advance.

Q : Can I choose different menu for each guests?

A : No, please choose the same menu for all guests, unless there are any specific dietary requirements or allergies. Upon request, we can of course adjust the menu for the special guest(s).

Q : What about special diets and allergies?

A : Our Chefs can modify most of our menus for common allergies, vegan, vegetarian, and other diets. Please discuss it with us on your booking and we will inform it to our Chef.

Q : How does payment work?

A : We accept bank transfer (Atm/E-Banking) and PayPal. 5% surcharge for PayPal with rates USD 1 = Rp 12,900 or AUD 1 = Rp 9,900. Once we have found a Chef for your event, and receive your menu confirmation, we'll send you the invoice and account details.

Q : Do I need to buy ingredients?

A : No, your chef will pick up all the necessary ingredients for the meal you have selected. He or she may contact you to make sure you will have staples (like flour or sugar) and any special equipment the menu requires. Your chef will bring whatever is needed. Not applicable for Personal Chef and Staff Service.

Q : Where do the ingredients come from?

A : Our Chefs know that quality is important to you. They buy ingredients only from our earth friendly suppliers or reputable supermarket.

Q : Who does the clean up?

A : GastroValet professional staff will take care of everything, leaving your kitchen as clean as we found it.

Q : What if I need to cancel?

A : Service adjusments and cancellations up to five (5) days prior to your scheduled event, we'll give you 50% refund. After that, no refund.


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Phone/Whatsapp: +62878 46818 498